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Imagine a strategic and creative marketing agency that's as interested in your business success as you are; one with an experienced and talented team with expertise in a variety of industries, including outdoor sports, energy, tourism, health care, senior living, retail, construction, insurance, financial services and higher education; a firm that is flexible to your needs and budget, that responds quickly and delivers proven results.



Callis & Associates was founded 27 years ago to create innovative marketing, advertising and public relations solutions for Central Missouri businesses, but we didn't stop there. We evolved into an agency that has helped companies around the United States build their brands and their businesses. We've done it by being honest, easy to work with, and confident in our ability to create and execute effective marketing.



Our focus on staying at the forefront of our industry enables us to integrate traditional advertising strategies with digital marketing techniques. By blending web development, search engine marketing, social media and mobile together with print and electronic media and PR, our clients enjoy the benefits of their customers connecting with their brands in new, easier and more meaningful ways. Ah...success.


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The Amplify Agency Group is a network of marketing communication firms delivering a full range of traditional and online services. Member agencies share knowledge and best practices, giving clients unique access to a broad range of specialized knowledge.

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