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You Can’t Have Too Many Friends

Cliff Callis

In business and in life, I find that you can’t have too many friends.  That’s what’s so exciting about our upcoming trip to the National Rifle Association Annual Convention that is synonymous with whatever is cool and new in the …read more

Don’t Worry. Be Successful.

Cliff Callis

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night worrying about something?  Then, tossed and turned for hours thinking about it.  Never happened to you?  You’ve got to be one of the lucky ones.  All the …read more

Top Ten Takeaways from the Digital Summit in Phoenix

Linda Harris

Top Ten Takeaways Recently, I attended the Digital Summit in Phoenix – a two-day conference where digital marketing thought leaders converge to share their insights about this ever-changing industry. Day one, I attended the 4-hour Content Marketing Strategies & Implementation …read more

Facebook’s Relevance Score Changes the Facebook Advertising Landscape

02/19/2015 | | Facebook | 0 comments
Chris Young

Facebook’s ad platform continues to mature. Last week, they announced the Relevance Score. This score attempts to tie the cost and visibility of ads to the relevance to the user base. Here’s a look at why Facebook implemented the Relevance Score, along …read more

Catalogs are Alive and Well

02/06/2015 | | Print | 0 comments
Cliff Callis

Yesterday, the Cabela’s Turkey Catalog hit my mailbox at home.  It couldn’t have come at a better time as it’s cold outside and I’ve been thinking about the upcoming Spring season all week.  Maybe Cabela’s knew that. Every day, we …read more

Be a King

Cliff Callis

Be a King.  Drive an Escalade. In their latest TV commercial for their top of the line SUV, the Escalade, Cadillac makes a bold statement through their use of associative imagery.  If you want to be king of your world, …read more

Disney is Brilliant

12/30/2014 | | Marketing | 0 comments
Cliff Callis

Everyone knows what a huge success Disney is.  I’ve written about them before and certainly they hold the standard for what customer service is all about.  But sitting through their Christmas special yesterday morning made me realize even more how …read more

Focus on Your Differentiating Advantage

11/20/2014 | | Marketing | 0 comments
Cliff Callis

I saw a very effective TV commercial last night as my 4 year old was watching one of her shows.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it and although the brand didn’t stick with me, the differentiating feature/advantage (value proposition) …read more

How is Your Product Better?

11/12/2014 | | Marketing | 0 comments
Cliff Callis

How many times have you been at a major sporting event, wanting to send a photo out to your world and not had mobile service?  A lot?  I know I have.  But with the demand on the telecommunications system of …read more

Making the Most of Tradeshows and Conferences

10/03/2014 | | Trade Shows | 0 comments
Tim Noland

We’ve all heard the sayings “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” or “You can’t have too many friends,” or “If you want to go fast go alone, and if you want to go far go with others.” …read more

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