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When a Reporter Calls, It’s Opportunity Knocking

09/24/2015 | | Media | 0 comments
Cliff Callis

The relationship between manufacturers and the outdoor media has always been a bit awkward. Companies’ crave what reporters can deliver but many times are unsure or don’t have enough time to portray their brand correctly. They want to do what …read more

Plan Ahead. Be Successful.

09/21/2015 | | Planning | 0 comments
Cliff Callis

Third quarter has arrived and so has planning for 2016. Just like a healthy food plot can lead to bagging that trophy buck during deer season, a sound marketing strategy leads to success. That’s why starting your 2016 marketing strategy …read more

Start Planning Now for Holiday Success

09/04/2015 | | Planning | 0 comments
Cliff Callis

The holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry. Planning a holiday marketing campaign now will make those little things a lot more likely to exist this season. Planning early can increase business and reduce stress. Here are …read more

Digital Newsrooms: Think Like a Journalist

Cliff Callis

It’s quite possible that your company goes to great lengths to capture the attention of key journalists in your industry, sending press releases and following up with emails and phone calls regularly. How can you make the most of those …read more

Keeping Up With Digital Marketing

Cliff Callis

Like all things digital, marketing is constantly evolving and keeping up with emerging technologies is more than a full time job. Recently, members of the Callis team, Chris Young, Megan Hartman and Linda Harris, blew into the windy city to …read more

Timing Matters – What Day Do You Send a Press Release?

Cliff Callis

What is the best day to send a press release? That is one of the most popular questions people ask PR pros – especially from the people that think PR is just writing and sending releases. You can ask 100 …read more

Print is Dead – Really?

07/28/2015 | | Print | 0 comments
Cliff Callis

Is print dead? This is a question that has been buzzing around the marketing world since the rapid surge and now acceptance of the Internet and social media. While many outdoor businesses, like the rest of the world, have completely …read more

Making Sense of Real Time Bidding/RTB

Cliff Callis

Real Time Bidding, also called “Real Time Buying”, or “RTB” is an ad industry buzz phrase that’s been around for a couple of years now. If you haven’t figured out what it might mean to your business, you’re not alone. …read more

Video Isn’t the Future – it’s the NOW – of Content Marketing

Cliff Callis

Video may have killed the radio star in the 1980’s but in today’s marketing media world it’s become an even more “deadly” weapon with increased ways to use it – offering very real and efficient results. When it comes to …read more

The Media Mix

07/08/2015 | | Media | 0 comments
Cliff Callis

When going on a fishing trip what type of bait do you use? It typically depends on what type of fish and where you are fishing. Publishing information for your target audience is the same way. By knowing how your …read more

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