Integrated Marketing

Top 5 Reasons to Have an Agency Handle Your Media

Cliff Callis

Media has come a long way since the early days of print media prior to the Revolutionary War. In today’s society, the different forms of media are changing with the change of how people consume their news on a daily …read more

Stalking Works

Cliff Callis

If you are a hunter and saw the headline thinking this was a great article on combing the woods for whitetails…you are going to be disappointed on two fronts.  About six years ago, some savvy marketers began implementing a social media …read more

Buying Print Media: Track Your Buy

Chris Young

Digital marketing provides new tools for tracking successes across all media – not just digital. Here we take a look at why and how to track print buys using digital tools. Bass fishermen will be familiar with this story: you …read more

Content Marketing 101

Cliff Callis

Content marketing is by far the most significant new integrated marketing strategy that has emerged in recent years. When done correctly and consistently, it drives new customers to your online presence, builds credibility and engages an audience in new and …read more

Using a Brand Platform to Help You Make Your Business Stand Out

05/11/2015 | | Branding | 0 comments
Brandi Stone

Whether you’re just starting out, re-engineering your business, or growing an already successful company, a brand platform is an important tool to help you differentiate yourself from others in your field. By focusing on your brand positioning, you can make …read more

Google Search vs Bad Mobile Optimization – Coming Soon to a Small Screen Near You

Chris Young

With mobile usage now topping desktop and laptop usage, Google is making an effort to improve mobile usability and experience by rewarding businesses that are mobile optimized/friendly. Next week (on Tuesday April 21, 2015), Google will update its mobile search …read more

You Can’t Have Too Many Friends

Cliff Callis

In business and in life, I find that you can’t have too many friends.  That’s what’s so exciting about our upcoming trip to the National Rifle Association Annual Convention that is synonymous with whatever is cool and new in the …read more

Don’t Worry. Be Successful.

Cliff Callis

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night worrying about something?  Then, tossed and turned for hours thinking about it.  Never happened to you?  You’ve got to be one of the lucky ones.  All the …read more

Top Ten Takeaways from the Digital Summit in Phoenix

Linda Harris

Top Ten Takeaways Recently, I attended the Digital Summit in Phoenix – a two-day conference where digital marketing thought leaders converge to share their insights about this ever-changing industry. Day one, I attended the 4-hour Content Marketing Strategies & Implementation …read more

Facebook’s Relevance Score Changes the Facebook Advertising Landscape

02/19/2015 | | Facebook | 0 comments
Chris Young

Facebook’s ad platform continues to mature. Last week, they announced the Relevance Score. This score attempts to tie the cost and visibility of ads to the relevance to the user base. Here’s a look at why Facebook implemented the Relevance Score, along …read more

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