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Blowing Out the Candles: Getting the Most Out of Our Marketing Efforts

Tim Noland

Poor Ben blew and blew, but couldn’t extinguish the fire on the candle of his 2nd birthday cake. The little guy gave it all he had, but was simply blowing in the wrong direction. He was blowing at the cake, … Continue reading

What You Need to Know about Heartbleed

04/10/2014 | | Technology | 0 comments
Rob Lamm

Many of you may have heard about the heartbleed bug that was announced within the past day. We’ve asked one of our clients, LammTech, to share their thoughts and recommendations.   The recent discovery of the ‘Heartbleed’ threat serves as … Continue reading

A new season brings new PR opportunities

Hannah Rhoad

Happy spring everyone! After a long, cold winter, I don’t think spring has come one day too soon! One of the best things about spring arriving is that new seasons bring about new opportunities. In PR, these opportunities could include … Continue reading

Measuring Success (and Failure) Online and Offline

Chris Young

I’m nearing my sixth anniversary at Callis, though it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Interesting projects and a fast pace make the time fly. Without having my start date marked on a calendar, I know I’d guess wrong … Continue reading

Being Found in the Sea of Content

Tim Noland

More and more customers are doing research online prior to making a purchase. Companies are responding to customers’ evolving purchasing processes, creating an endless sea of content. Creating appropriate content can be a challenge. Getting your content to stand out … Continue reading

The Game of Strategy

Rachel Michael

It’s the second half of the game. Your team is on fire. You’ve scored more points in this game, than in any other game all season. Dribbling, passing, shooting, from teammate to teammate. Your strategy is working as you planned. … Continue reading

The Power of Conversation through Content Marketing

Tim Noland

Being fairly new to Callis, I recently attended my first SHOT Show. What an experience that was. I walked in through the doors of the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and thought I was in heaven. Several hundred … Continue reading

Company Page Updates – LinkedIn (January 2014)

01/31/2014 | | LinkedIn | 0 comments
Chris Young

All social media outlets have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The top professional networking site, LinkedIn provides company pages, a great tool for business – particularly for B2B company connections and recruitment purposes. Maintaining a LinkedIn business presence has … Continue reading

How To Show Your Smile Online

Brandi Miller

No, I’m not talking about emoticons! Though emoticons like the smiley face can be useful to show your emotions when texting with friends, they don’t usually belong in a professional environment. In Chris Young’s blog post “5 Ways Online Stores … Continue reading

Four Quick Tips to Jump-Start 2014 SEO Campaigns

Chris Young

Maybe it’s just that time of the year, but lately I’m doing a lot of Search Engine Optimization work – particularly with our outdoor clients. So as several members of our Callis team prepare to head out to the 2014 … Continue reading

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