Measure the Offline World

I’m a numbers guy. I count the steps on stairways, know how many minutes it takes (and the precise distance) to get anywhere in town that I normally drive, and track fuel efficiency over time. It’s no wonder that when it comes to marketing programs, I track the living daylights out of them, too. We … Continue reading Measure the Offline World

Developing Ideas for Your Content Marketing Efforts

Now what? Whether you’ve just begun to think about content marketing or you’ve been doing it for a while now, you’ve no doubt asked yourself that question as you try to come up with content to share. Here’s a plan of action to kick-start you. First, remember that every prospect (and potential prospect) is at … Continue reading Developing Ideas for Your Content Marketing Efforts

BOLO Recap

Each October for all but a couple of the past seven years, members of the Callis team have traveled to central Arizona to attend BOLO, an annual digital marketing conference specifically geared to small to mid-sized agencies. It’s a perfect opportunity to stay on top of new trends, share thoughts and opinions with some of … Continue reading BOLO Recap

Facebook Ain’t What She Used to Be

There’s no question that Facebook has changed our lives. Whether it was an inspired vision, deft execution, a bit of dumb luck or a combination of all three, ten years and 1.2 billion users later Mark Zuckerberg’s social juggernaut has ingrained itself into the daily lives of digital-age users in a way that forebears like … Continue reading Facebook Ain’t What She Used to Be

Is Your Blog Blah?

Many marketers launch their websites and truly believe that their content is so unique that people will flock to their site. This rarely happens. In today’s world, it takes a strong, disciplined social media strategy, rich content and constant engagement to drive awareness and gain new business. One of the best ways to accomplish this … Continue reading Is Your Blog Blah?

Preparation is Key With Media

As you are growing up, adults tell you that “practice makes perfect”. Whether it is practicing your swing to one day play in the World Series or practicing your aim to be ready for a 20-point buck; practice is important. Think back to public speaking classes. The first speech is always the hardest. Being comfortable … Continue reading Preparation is Key With Media

When a Reporter Calls, It’s Opportunity Knocking

The relationship between manufacturers and the outdoor media has always been a bit awkward. Companies’ crave what reporters can deliver but many times are unsure or don’t have enough time to portray their brand correctly. They want to do what they do best – sell. Reporters, on the other hand, want to get their job … Continue reading When a Reporter Calls, It’s Opportunity Knocking

Plan Ahead. Be Successful.

Third quarter has arrived and so has planning for 2016. Just like a healthy food plot can lead to bagging that trophy buck during deer season, a sound marketing strategy leads to success. That’s why starting your 2016 marketing strategy now is so important. Would you put a food plot out during or after deer … Continue reading Plan Ahead. Be Successful.

Start Planning Now for Holiday Success

The holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry. Planning a holiday marketing campaign now will make those little things a lot more likely to exist this season. Planning early can increase business and reduce stress. Here are a few reasons why you should start early on your holiday marketing campaign. Shoppers Start … Continue reading Start Planning Now for Holiday Success

Digital Newsrooms: Think Like a Journalist

It’s quite possible that your company goes to great lengths to capture the attention of key journalists in your industry, sending press releases and following up with emails and phone calls regularly. How can you make the most of those efforts? Think like a journalist: there’s a looming story deadline as you stare at ten … Continue reading Digital Newsrooms: Think Like a Journalist